Tips For Extending Your Car Battery Life

Tips For Extending Your Car Battery Life

For anyone who relies on their car to get around, making sure it is running in top condition is crucial – nobody wants to break down in the middle of nowhere and have to wait hours for someone to come get you home. One of the biggest problems is your car battery life as, unlike a puncture, it can’t be fixed if you’re on your own on the side of the road. I’ve put together a few tips to extend the battery life of your car to ensure you’re not left stranded.

extending your car battery life

1. Keep your battery clean. Check the top of the battery is free of dirt and is dry as this can cause the battery to discharge on the top and cause a short circuit. Also make sure the battery terminals are clean to prevent corroding.

2. Make sure all the lights are off when you exit. Keeping your headlights and interior lights on when the engine is off can drain your battery pretty fast so make sure you double check once you’ve left your car that all the lights are off.

3. Try to limit short journeys. Your battery uses charge to start your car but then charges during the journey, so the longer the journey the more life you are giving your battery.

4. Don’t leave your car unused for long periods of time. If it isn’t a vehicle you use regularly, try and give it a run out once a week to keep that engine in good working order. If you are still having trouble and want to get your car batteries replaced in Essex then check out Jet Wheel Tyre. If you are driving anywhere in a local area like Essex you would know how important it is to be safe on the road – especially when it is rush hour and everyone is trying to reach on time. Having a healthy battery is essential in this case.

5. Get it checked regularly. To ensure everything is running as it should take it into the garage regularly to make sure there are no problems.

Following these tips will help you to extend your car battery life and prevent you being stuck on the side of the road waiting for assistance as much as possible.

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