Preventing Joint Problems For Our Dogs With Antinol

Preventing Joint Problems For Our Dogs With Antinol

We have always been a dog family, ever since we rescued a three year old Jack Russell when we were newly married, and I could not imagine our lives without our four legged friends. Which is a good job as we now have three dachshunds, after our eldest recently gave birth to four puppies and we decided to keep one! Having owned dogs for years, we’ve sadly lost dogs too and seen them decline due to various ailments and old age. One of those ailments that affects many dogs is joint problems, which can often lead to limited mobility which of course massively affects the lives of our animals which love nothing more than running around.

preventing joint pain for dogs with antinol

Vetz Petz have released Antinol, a brand new joint supplement which is 100% natural and is proven to help improve movement and prevent joint problems for our dogs and cats that are either older or are prone to mobility issues due to their breed.

With all three of ours dogs being dachshunds, we are very conscious of them having back problems as, due to their longer backs, they are very prone to having problems with the discs in their spines, which can often lead to them unable to use their legs and sadly having to be put to sleep. So anything that can help prevent this is huge to us. We have now been trialling Antinol for four weeks and although there haven’t necessarily been improvements as such, Alfie is only eighteen months so for us Antinol is more of a preventative measure that we will use throughout his life to hopefully stave off any future problems. As Cali was breastfeeding her puppies we haven’t been able to use Antinol for her yet, but once she is back to normal we will give it a try for her too, as being five years old she is getting closer to an age where we need to be wary and try and prevent joint problems she may have in her future.

Antinol have a quiz available on their website which can help you determine whether your dog needs support or may do in the future. They are also offering a 30 day free trial of the tablets if your pet is eligible so it is definitely worth heading over there and having a look.

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