4 Tips for Getting Quality Sleep with a Baby

4 Tips for Getting Quality Sleep with a Baby

Getting sleep as a parent is something that sounds far out of reach, doesn’t it? Especially for new parents or those who have had another baby. Babies can be pretty tough. In the middle of the night there are frequent feedings, diaper changes, and being half asleep bouncing a fussy baby while you wish you were back in bed. 

Having soundly sleep is something that seems impossible sometimes when having a little one, and it feels as if no amount of shut-eye is enough. Everyone needs their sleep, it affects their health, how they process information, and it helps with parenting as well. While parenting a baby is never easy, these are some tips for sleeping better with one. 

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Try and sleep whenever the baby is sleeping

Newborns and infants tend to take quite a few naps throughout the day. Even toddlers get in at least one nap.  New-borns get around 16 to 18 hours of sleep a day while the number of hours can vary for infants and toddlers. Sleeping while the baby sleeps may be something that’s a bit challenging. Your internal body clock may not allow it, you may have other responsibilities in the house, or maybe you have other children to tend to.

In times like these, where you’re able to get in just a little bit of sleep, it helps to get a Bedside Crib so you can try and nap while the baby naps. This can also help with your regular bedtime too. Placing the baby’s crib or bassinet right next to your bed is going to help the baby get to sleep and it’s going to help you get a restful night too. Just avoid sleeping in the same bed as the baby as this could cause accidents.

Don’t guilt yourself for neglecting responsibilities

If you’re in desperate need of sleep, then skip those household chores. The dirty dishes and the vacuuming can wait for another day. One of the positives as a parent in lockdown is the lack of guests. What few guests you may get, will most likely be very understanding of your situations as a parent, especially those with a baby. Just opt for sleep rather than dealing with getting the house cleaned.

Share night-time baby duties with your partner

This is the simplest of tips, and it’s something that parents usually try and do together. Just try taking days or shifts with who will take care of the baby. This can include one night someone will take over the baby duties such as feedings, diaper changes, and other night-time duties. For mothers who are breastfeeding, you can look into getting a pump, this will allow you to get a bit more shuteye and allow your spouse to help you out.

Don’t feel ashamed for asking for help

Parenting is complicated and having a baby is a pretty tough job. Don’t be shy or ashamed to reach out and ask for help. This can include asking someone to clean, pick up groceries, or even just take care of the children while you get some shut-eye. Being a parent is incredibly tough and sometimes, help just has to step in.

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